The 7 zen rules of Dataism

Kanso (簡素)
simplicity, eliminating all unneeded things to find the clear structure.

Fukinsei (ä均整)
Asymmetry or irregularity. If an algorithm is to symmetric it gets boring. Try to find the balance between symmetry and the asymmetry to get dynamic.

Shibui/Shibumi (渋味)
Reaching coolness and beauty through a clear design and nothing more. Don’t decorate or hide.

Shizen (自然)
Naturalness. Try to avoid pure artificial constructions. Everything has a root in nature.

Yugen (幽玄)
Showing more by showing less.

Datsuzoku (脱ä)
Freedom from habit or formula.

Seijaku (静寂)
Tranquility or an energized calm (quite), stillness, solitude. Avoid unintentional noise and disturbance.